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Dénia is always in fiestas: fire, sea and powder!

Dénia is considered one of the districts in Spain with the most fiestas. Each station of the year has festivities associated to life in the quarters, streets or the whole of the local population, true to the extent that it is difficult to come to Dénia without a surprise religious or festive celebration. All the public¬†are welcome, from families to those who prefer the night.

Amongst others we must point out:

  • The Falles bonfires, with their passacaglia, mascletaes fireworks and the final cremà or burning of the bonfires.

  • The Patron Saint Fiestas in Honour of the Most Holy Blood (Santíssima Sang) and their "Bous a la mar" (Bulls to the sea), declared a Fiesta of National Tourist Interest.

  • The Moors and Christians, with the disembarkation, fight in the castle and, specially, the gala cortège.

  • The All Saint Attraction Fair, with fair attractions, specially longed for by children.


Denia Fiestas Calendar

The Procession of the Three Wise Men

Date: January, 5
Description: The three Wise Men land in the port and it is celebrated by a procession. Before that, a royal postman collects the letters of the children.

Pilgrimage of Santa Paula's Hermitage
Date: January, 26
Descripción: Procession, "porrat" (traditional market with traditional products and sweets)

Date: Week-end before Lent
Description: Fancy dress contests and dancing. The Sardine's Burial in "La Zona" (Sagunto Street and Patricio Ferrándiz Street crossroads)

Half Year Moors and Christians
Date: Mid-February
Description: Informal parade of “filaes” (group of people in fancy dress, mock battles between Moors and Christians)

Fallas (Bonfire Festivals)
Date: March, 16-19

Fallas Denia  
Description: Passacaglias, "mascletaes" (rockets fireworks), music, lunches and popular dinners, fireworks. "Planting" of bonfires, floral offer to Our Lady of the Forsanken and the "Cremà" or burning of bonfires on St. Joseph's night.
Web: www.fallesdenia.com

Our Lady of the Forsaken
Date: 2nd Sunday of May
Descripción: Seamen's patron saint day. Processions in the seamen's quarter.

Our Lady of Rocío Pilgrimage
Date: 1st fortnight in June (the next Sunday after "Corpus Christi" day)
Description: Procession, mass and open air party. (organised by Casa de Andalucia)

Fiestas in Santísima Trinidad Street
Date: 1st fortnight in June
Description: Open air dancing evenings, fancy dress contests, popular meals and dinners.

Saint John bonfires
Date:June 20-24
Description: "Planting" of monuments and "cremà" (burning) on Saint John's night. Open air dancing evenings and animation.

Fiestas in Saint John's Hermitage (Sant Joan)
Date: June 20-24
Description: Religious events, "porrat" (traditional market with traditional products and sweets), etc..

Fiestas in Saint Peter's Street (Sant Pere)
Date:June 28-29
Description: Street located in the seamen's quarter. Religious events, open air dancing evenings and animation.

Fiestas in la Pedrera Quarter
Date: June 28-29
Description: The streets of this quarter are decorated during this Fiesta to celebrate the procession in Saint Peter's honour, the open air dancing, greasy poles, etc. Sounds of "mascletaes" and "despertaes" (rockets fireworks) are also part of the fiesta.

Main Fiestas in Honour of the Holy Blood
Date: 1st fortnight of July -changing dates-. 
Description: July brings us the festivities in honour of Our Lord’s Holy Blood, with floats, concerts, sports competitions, fireworks, “bous a la mar” (bulls to the sea), atradition declared of National Tourist Interest, etc.

Moors and Christians. Fiestas in honour of Saint Roc
Date: August, 14,15 and 16

Fiesta Moros y Cristianos Denia  

Description: Moors and Christians parades, disembarkation in the port, harquebus battle in the castle, concerts, fireworks, etc.


Saint Agustin Fiestas (Les Rotes)
Date: Last August weekend or first September weekend
Description: Fiestas in honour of Saint Agustin, celebrated during the nearest weekend to the Saint Agustin's day.

Fiestas in la Xara village. In honour of Saint Mathew.
Date: 3rd week-end in September
Description: Procession, entertainment with bulls in the street, open air dancing evenings, greasy poles, etc

Fiestas of the "Cabrerot" in Jesús Pobre village
Date: October, 9-11
Description:Celebration of end of vintage. Tasting typical "coques" pastries with Muscat grapes.

All Saints Fair
Date: Late October-Early November
Description: Attraction fair (big wheel, round-about, etc.) in Torrecremada Esplanade.

Pilgrimage to Saint Lucia's Hermitage
Date: December, 13
Description: "Porrat" open air fair.


Beaches of Dénia

All is beauty: sandy beaches and rocky coves… blues and greens of the Mediterranean Sea.

20 km of coast with different beach typologies:

  • To the north of the district there is the area known as les Marines (or las Marinas), where you will mainly find long fine sandy beaches.

  • To the south of the district there is the area known as les Rotes (or Las Rotas), which starts with a sandy beach and gives way to rocky coves which, colourful and hidden, display a crystalline landscape of unique beauty.

All the beaches in Dénia have been awarded International Iso 9.001 certificates – for quality management- and Iso 14.001 –for environmental management-. Year after year, most beaches in Dénia receive the Blue Flag award, a symbol of the clean seas of Europe. Furthermore, the diversity of Dénia’s sea bottom has been granted a PIC award (Places of Community Interest).

Beaches and creeks

Punta del Raset
Les Marines
Les Bovetes
Els Molins
Les Deveses
Marineta Casiana
El Trampolí
Punta Negra
La Cala
Beach Volley
Mini football
Windsurf and Kitesurf
Aquatic motors
Scuba Diving


Windsurf and Kitesurf

is one of the best spots in Spain for those wishing to practice windsurf or kite surf.

The following thermal winds blow: Garbí, Llebeig... with 3.5 to 7 strength and all the odds are in your favour to enjoy sea and waves.

Available Beach Infrastructures:
Windsurf School, which opens one week before the Holy Week until October in the els Molins Beach ( les Marines Area), right in the area known as Nova Dénia.

Likewise, we recommend Les Deveses Beach for those wishing to practice windsurf and kite surf and it also disposes of entrance buoys.


Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is one of Dénia’s star sport, due to the diversity of our sea bottom and to the great variety of sea species, both flora and fauna.

The rocky coves of les Rotes and the cliffs of the Cape of San Antonio are privileged sites, which have been declared a Sea Reserve due to the diversity of its sea bottom. Should you wish to dive within the reserve a special license is compulsory and a limited daily number of licenses are available (applications at Dénia’s Tourist Office).

(*NOTE: The Sea Reserve has been extended and now includes all the rocky coves of les Rotes, Regional Valencian Government Bulletin Legislation DOGV 5027, as of July, 10 2005).

Rocky coves of las Rotas:

  • El Trampolí Beach
  • Punta Negra Beach
  • Arenetes Beach.


Visit Dénia: a load of cultural wealth

Today’s Dénia is the daughter of several different cultures: Iberians, Romans, Muslims and Christians left their mark and enable us to follow their history, a mark we can discover through its museums, monuments and archaeological remains.

The Castle is the par excellence local Heritage Monument. The Archaeological Museum is housed within its walls. The museum offer is completed by an Ethnologic Museum and the Museum of Toys.

From the watchtowers, from the castle’s battlements, from the tower del Gerro, at the feet of Mount Montgó, history has bestowed witnesses sculpted in stone. Take a stroll along its streets and visit its monuments and museums, bearing witness of the artistic and historic wealth of a city that has been coveted by all.

History Introduction
Monumental Heritage
Tourist Routes
Organised visits
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Interior: Valleys of la Marina

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